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Published May 29, 2014 More Info ยป

( T.N.A. RANT ! )

Bring in Lodi and Sickboy for the tag team division , Athena Reese for the KO’s division and Ultimo Dragon for their star powers.

Lucha World Order L.W.O. in T.N.A. : Rey Mysterio , Mistico , La Parka , Juventud Guerrera , Super Crazy and Psicosis.

T.N.A. Xplosion should change it’s format in to having Two 30 minute time time Title Matches ( take turns on the titles that get put on line each episode ) an episode.

James Yum with his manager Kristina Laum in T.N.A.

Bring back the KO’s tag team titles.

Chris Sharpe , Kelly Knott Vs Chris Silvio & Lucy Knott
( Hubby and Wife teams go at it in a sister vs sister rivalry )
( Rivalry : One Night Only : P.P.V. )

T.N.A. and Turner Broadcasting should get into bed together.
( T.N.A. impact - Mondays Live on T.N.T. 9 PM - 11 PM EST )
( T.N.A. Bell to Bell - Thursdays Live on T.B.S. 8 PM - 10 PM EST )
( T.N.A. Xplosion - Saturdays 6 PM - 7 PM on TruTV )
aka the old W.C.W. Time slots.

Panda Energy international should buy the Detroit Sliverdome re-name it the T.N.A. impact Dome turning it into the all new T.N.A. impact Zone. An hell you could even have the T.N.A. Power Plant Pro Wrestling School Dojo their as well. An Hell if you want the lease the place out for other events and sports teams and what have you.

E.C.3. calls out Bill Goldberg.

Mike Goldberg on Play by Play and Bill Goldberg on Color.

After this G.F.W. Vs T.N.A. stuff plays out if you still want a on screen GM am saying go with Joseph Park as a fighting GM , because Christopher Parks aka Abyss is 41 years old now so he needs a brake from full time in ring action if you ask me.

Replace Christy Hemme with Ashley Massaro.

T.N.A. Only King of Mountain Matches for the T.N.A. King of Mountain Title.

Kenny Dystra with Kelly Kelly as Valet in T.N.A.

Check this idea out a 6 way 6 corners match for the KO’s Title.
( first one to touch all 6 corners in a row wins the KO’s Gold. )

A full nelson running bulldog into a full nelson mat submission as a submission finisher would be a cool tap out combo move for someone who needs a submission finisher move for sure a. “ The Bulldog Bit ” is what you can call the move.

Turn Crazzy Steve into a winner.

Here is what T.N.A. should tour on , 12 live P.P.V. \ i.P.P.V. events a year and 12 One Night Only P.P.V. events a year as their 24 tour dates + the U.K. T.V. tapings will make up the T.N.A. yearly tour dates.
( An use Arenas , Domes and Stadiums that the other pro wrestling promotion don’t use in town the other wrestling companies don’t go so you can have a new fan-base just for T.N.A. As in use place that don’t have any major tenants or tenants at all ! )
( Get outside the box you dig it T.N.A. )

The N.W.A. should become the farm for T.N.A. ( not ROH and the WWE like it is now a days )

Hey T.N.A. if you need to send your wrestlers to school send them out to the Black Diamond Wrestling school.( Black Diamond Wrestling can be your new OVW )
Keep working with the N.W.A. as you have been as of late.

New Theme Songs needed.
( Sale theme babies )

T.N.A. Tile Match Pro Wrestling by Activation for PC , PS4 , X Box and so on.

Am down with T.N.A. and Sega Sports linking up for a yearly T.N.A. video game.

T.N.A. wrestlers doing cameos on T.V. and in the Movies an doing ads an all that kind off stuff is a must.

T.N.A. you should put ads back on the mat in the ring and hell am saying put ads every where ! On the mat , the ring skirt , the turnbuckle pads , on the ropes , the ramp , the titan-trons , the barricades , and so on and on and on so as in ads all over.

Let the wrestlers have endorsement deals and let them rock their endorsements on their ring gear a.

T.N.A. should link up with Big Lots ( an or anything place like a Big Lots ) to sale T.N.A. Toys , Video Games , Apparel and Acessories and also DVD & Blu Ray movies and such stuff of T.N.A.’s sold at the stores.

New T.N.A. swag needed.

Off the pills and the HGH and on the weed.

Montreal Olympic Stadium is calling your name T.N.A.

Please bring back Maven Huffman as the new baby face of T.N.A.
( E.C.3. Vs Maven Huffman )
( Maven Huffman wins and becomes the new T.N.A. World Champ.)
( Maven Huffman comes back beats every-one in the top 5 rankings in one on one matches to become the new #1 contender for shot at E.C.3. Maven beats E.C.3. streak and become the new T.N.A. World Heavy Champion for the first time as a baby face good guy doing thing the right way earnings his strips in T.N.A. the hard way this time around like a true pro and true face of T.N.A. with class. )
( Please ! )

( More Crap Later )