In this new feature Between 3–7 Clips, we feature anywhere between three and seven TV clips from the day before. Does that sound good? Today there are five clips. Feel free to start the clip counters we handed out at the beginning of class!

Who Is Stephen Colbert? At this point we all know the Comedy Central character Stephen Colbert, but people/news outlets everywhere are wondering who exactly is the real Stephen Colbert, and, more curiously, does he even have a personality? Last night, Colbert embarked on a journey to self-discovery in a new segment called “Stephen Colbert’s Who Am Me?” In this first edition, he takes the Myers-Briggs personality test in an attempt to find his real, non-character personality, and how Johnny Depp plays into it.

In addition to finding his true self, Colbert also found (aka sat down/interviewed) First Lady Michelle Obama, who shared some of her post-FLOTUS plans, which are both grander and simpler than you might think!

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah premiered last night, and Noah wasn’t the only new face to join the “Best F#@king News Team Ever!” One of the show’s newest correspondents (still a senior correspondent, of course, because that’s how The Daily Show works, deal with it) Roy Wood, Jr. reported on NASA’s discovery that there’s water on Mars, and why it doesn’t matter to him and shouldn’t matter to Noah either. It should matter to Oprah, though.

Back on Earth, Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel took their problems to couples therapy. Prepare to watch a clip that is so raw, it could give you food poisoning! JK, of course. It’s just another TV clip. :)

Finally, over on The Tonight Show, Rob Lowe and Jimmy Fallon played a game of “Password” versus the 2 Broke Girls girls, Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs. It’s just like a whole game show but shorter and on a talk show!