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February 11, 2016

We don't want you to feel left out of this very big, very heavy news!

Whoa! Dudes! Did you see what your smart Facebook friend posted on their wall this morning? The head council of scientists have peeked out of their lair lab and were like, “Einstein was right, gravitational waves exist!”

Now you can run out onto the streets, or post a link on the proverbial streets (your Facebook timeline/Twitter) and celebrate this great news! And you should! But if you, like many of us are, are thinking to yourself, “well WTF are gravitational waves and why should I be excited and why did we ever doubt anything Einstein said as being true as maybe untrue?” here are some basic explained stolen from people on the web that know a lot about what they are talking about.

So you watch that and you’re like “hmm okay I think I get it, but give me one more video with a cute older man and his DIY model of gravitational waves, person writing this” to which we present you with this.

Now you get it! This is huge! Feel free to share this article or either of these videos with one of the following statements:

  • “Guys, this is huge!”
  • “Whoa! Einstein was right!”
  • “Damn! If you weren’t a stupid dummy, you’d be stoked on this news, too!”
  • “I am very smart! These sorts of things excite me! It is sad and weak that you are only enthusiastic about sports. One day us nerds will take over the world.”
  • “Knew it.”
  • “Boom, bitch!”