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February 27, 2017

“These infants these days are incompetent”

Parents Sick of Freeloading 3-Year-Old Still Living in House Without a Job or Trade

Saying that they’re sick and tired of this parasitic millennial mentality of expecting mommy and daddy to swoop in and solve all of life’s problems without any regard to the value of work and personal responsibility, Mr. and Mrs. Charleston, a local couple from Buffalo New York, reportedly got fed up with their 3 year old child after this one refused to move out of the house to continue mooching off his parents resources without putting a penny’s worth of effort into looking for a job or becoming his own person.

“These kids these days are incompetent,” said a cranky Mr. Charleston as his son wasted valuable time he could be spending learning a trade for the marketplace by playing with toy trucks and Legos. “Back in my day, I had to fend for myself as soon as I came out of the womb. While my dad was off fighting commies, and my mom was out having sex with other men, I had to look for my own food, change my own diapers, and find a means of sustenance.”

Mr. Charleston added that by the time he was 3 years old, he was already running his own small business and paying his own taxes without any help from the government or his parents.

Bent on teaching him a lesson, the Charlestons kicked their son out of the house and left him for dead at a local highway telling him it was all for his own good.