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November 05, 2015

And you can too! Here are more ordained celebs can officially marry you!

Earlier this week Carrie Brownstein and Amy Poehler officiated an impromptu wedding at Brownstein’s book signing for Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl. Yes. A very in love and very opportunistic couple learned that Brownstein was an ordained minister and during the Q&A asked if she’d be down with marrying them.

Because she is a saint and because Amy Poehler can play Greensleeves on the organ, the raddest wedding of all time took place.

Now this was a great idea on the couple’s part and some of y'all might be tempted to ambush other celebs who you find out are ordained. As long as we get a shout out for helping plan your wedding, here are more celebs that can marry you and the person you love.


For all you LOTR nerds who want to be blessed by the Grey Wizard himself, Ian McKellen will officiate your wedding.


Oy vey! If you’re in a pinch, Fran Drescher can make you offish at the altar!


Kathy Griffin will officiate your wedding but there’s a 100% chance she’ll call your dress tacky during the ceremony.


Again, not sure if this mom-ager is the person you want verifying your vows, but if you want an incredibly over the top and dramatic wedding, Kris Jenner can handle that for you.


If you’re looking for a more avant garde celebration, Lady Gaga could come officiate. But fair warning she will probably wear something that steals attention from the newlyweds.


George Foreman might not be your first pick to officiate your wedding, but imagine the tasty, grilled to perfection, treats at the reception. Yeah, buddy. We see you changing your mind!