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April 11, 2017

Is that what we think it is?!

Many on social media jumped with joy when news broke out that President Donald Trump had a little accident on the golf course.

Just what, exactly, is that slimy brown substance surrounding the commander-in-chief’s crack?

Could it be? Nah. Or what?! Maybe?

Twitter users were overjoyed at the prospect of the nation’s extremely nasty “Celebrity Apprentice” host/turned president of the United States (You know–that old chestnut) soiling himself while swinging his five iron a few days ago.

Tweeted one user: “Trump doesn’t just have diarrhea, he is diarrhea, his whole freaking family is slimy. We must remain focused on the real problems. Resist.”

But is the story too good to be true? Are we all getting so worked about about nothing?

According to a new article from Snopes.com, the photo of the disdained president with outstandingly low approval ratings is indeed faker than Dolly Parton’s newest nose.

Reports Snopes:

Both this story and the image are fake. The original image was taken by Reuters photographer David Moir on 10 July 2012, during the opening of the Trump International Golf Links golf course.

D'oh! There’s a big, red “False!” there and everything.

Well, maybe President Trump didn’t have any accident on the golf course after all. But who could blame so many people for buying into this digital hoax? After all, the man spews so much verbal diarrhea on a daily basis, it’s not even funny…