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July 30, 2015

The Haiku That Lost Its Way

My name is Haiku

I am filled with true beauty

I just did coke once
–It’s Haiku again

Dude, you only live life once

Don’t tell mom bout coke

–Sunshine surrounds me

Fell asleep outside again

On stranger’s front lawn

–Lost my phone again

If you see random number

It’s me. It’s Haiku.

–Leaving for a bit

Getting away from it all

Might get a tattoo

–HEY how are you love?

It’s Haiku, but I have changed

I do yoga now

–I miss you so much!

Oh shit, wrong text, ignore that.

Who is this again?

–Hey there quick question

Do you have an open couch?

Can I sleep on it?

–Might just leave again

Maybe I’ll go to Europe

Just me and the land.

–It’s Haiku from Spain!

I really ran with the bulls!

I truly feel whole!

–Hi it’s Haiku’s mom,

I just called to let you know.

Haiku is dead

(I would like to dedicate the last syllable in honor of Haiku)