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March 26, 2015

Will Ferrell talks to James Corden and Kevin Hart about his new star on the walk of fame and sings the theme from Star Trek.

Last night Will Ferrell went on The Late Late Show along with Kevin Hart, and during his appearance, Ferrell reminisced about his early standup, which apparently consisted of just singing the Star Trek theme from start to finish. What a cool talk show interview, where someone talks about a thing that would be funny to sing but then never, ever, gets to the funny singing part!

Just playin’, he definitely also gets to the singing part. But you probably feel really pranked by how that last paragraph ended. Anyways, here’s that clip:

Ferrell also reminisced about a much more recent thing, which is that this week he got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Such a momentous occasion is sure to be bring up a lot of feelings in someone, and Ferrell gives a glimpse at what was going through his mind as so many friends, loved ones, and strangers gathered in one place, all to celebrate HIM.