Ready for the #BestYearEver?

Back-to-school season is upon us, and to celebrate we created a bunch of college-themed #BestYearEver Vines designed to encapsulate the college experience. We invited users like YOU to do the same, with the best submissions to be featured on Funny Or Die’s Vine account. Here’s a handy instructional Vine that breaks down the whole deal (starring our pals Daniel Stewart, Ummmheather, Cassandre Presume, Mackenzie Stith and an intern named Ethan.)

We got together with some of our favorite personalities on Vine to shed light on the more (but often less) charming moments experienced in college. This carefully done artistic process involved throwing several 20'somethings onto a campus with cell-phones. Their mission: capture “college” in 6 seconds. Here are some of the vines we cooked up to get you prepped for the #BestYearEver

“The 1st day of college you’re always gonna be late when looking for classes. This can be stressful, embarrassing & even painful.” (Mackenzie Stith, MJRiggins,Tesla Andrianne)

“Just when you thought you escaped K-12 Mathematics…”(Cole Hersh)

“Ever had a needy room-mate in college? It looks a lot like this.” (Colleen Evanson, Mackenzie Stith)

“That one professor that makes paying attention very difficult…” (JacklynK, Caleb Hurst)

After posting a few of our own #BestYearEver Vines, the submissions started rolling in. Most of them endlessly singular, always entertaining, & probably illegal'ish… but only 15 destined to be re-Vined on the Funny Or Die Vine channel. Below are the 15 Vines that made us chuckle & reminded us why college was the sh*t.


“Meeting the room-mate.” (DBGreatness)

“Laundry” (Andreas Aristides)

“Just when you think you’re a big boy. You realize your mom doesn’t come with your new apartment.” (Jon David)

“Dorm-style romance…” (Daniel Stewart, Cassandre Presume, Ummmheather)

“How to deal with obnoxious room-mates.” (Colleen Evanson,Mackenzie Stith)

“Chicks dig babies.” (Ferrari)

“Why do I have crazy expectations for summer break…” (John Berchtold)

“When having a kickback, beware of the strict R.A.” (CloudTalk,Colleen Evanson)

“That roommate who plays guitar, but only kind of knows "Wonderwall” (Aaron Roman)

“College Grads: Where Are They Now?” (Tyler Bridges)

“Rageing is cool … but building a fort is cooler.” (Daniel Stewart, Cloudtalk)

“I know what they’re not using my money for.” (Colby Skiles)

“Just a little party time.” (Johnny McHone)

“When someone tells you they are doing long distance while in college…” (John Kahhat)

“My hippy dorm roommate, in the style of Logey Dogey (JCyrus)

“When you think you have the dorm to yourself…” (Colleen Evanson, Garrett Watts)

“When you realize you have a paper due at midnight, and you haven’t started yet! ” (Sawyer Skipper)

Thanks to all those who joined in on the fun, and for those of you who did not, we don’t even know what to say to you. Get your life right.