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March 24, 2018

LG is one of the best Appliance Brand. LG Ranges are widely used. LG Corporation is a South Korean based corporation specializes in electronics, chemicals and telecommunications products. LG is the leading company in producing top quality, energy efficient household appliances including: • LG refrigerators • LG stoves • LG cooktops • LG washers • LG dryers • LG microwaves • LG ranges. Being an electronic machine, it can develop some or the other problem because of poor maintenance. Some of the problems are- • LG range burners not lighting up • Unit not broiling or baking • Not keeping the temperature • Low Flame • Broken thermostat • Malfunctioning selector switch • Defective gas safety valve • Igniter making a clicking sound • Ignitor glows but not ignition to the unit • Stuck in self-cleaning mode • LG range is discoloring on top • Door not opening after the cycle is completed • Overturning knobs, (broken, missing etc) Whether your LG range is a not calibrated right, surface top burner not lighting or your unit is producing smoke, our experts can eliminate any problem that your unit might experience, We will provide you the best LG Ranges repair Service. If your LG Range is not receiving regular maintenance, it tends to break down much easily and faster. We provide regular annual maintenance program which covers most of the necessary repairs to your appliance when needed. If your appliance is having any of the problems mentioned above, we suggest you contact our experts for a quick unit recovery! Call us at 845-617-1111 (NY) or 201-589-2399 (NJ).


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