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December 30, 2016

I'm going to give Trump a chance if he'll behave himself.

(Reader’s note. I’m a columnist on another website and my conservative-biased editor didn’t like my opinion and refused to run this, so I reproduce it here).

Dear Don T.

No I take it back. You are not dear to me or 51 percent of other Americans.I’ll just say Don. I’m not going to call you Donald, that’s the name of a duck.I’m not going to call you, “The Donald,” that’s B.S., showing off, and you’ve done enough of that.

You promised when the “pussy” tape came out to try and become a better person.I hold you to that promise.
I had intended this letter to be my last column about you in that you would have lost and spared me any further anguish and crawled back into the hole from which you came.

Anyway, now we have to make the best of it, you and I.

Instead of wishing you luck, I want to ask a favor.

First of all, stop insulting women. That’s the mark of a coward Don, a yellow-belly. Even women you find objectionable; don’t insult them anymore. A man is a man and a woman is a woman Don. A man who makes fun of a woman’s weight or her looks has a yellow streak up his spine. You can parade around and act the big tough guy but I know the truth.

You brag you are a star. You were the host of a cheap game show where all you had to do was play yourself. You didn’t play Hamlet. Laurence Olivier, there’s a star. You are not.

I’m going to tell you what, out of respect for the office I’m prepared to try and forget all your past obscenities and brutal lack of both decorum and humanity if you will at least pretend to be a leader. I know this will be hard for you, and you likely will as your opponent suggested she would, adopt three different faces. In private the same old two-bit punk Trump, for the public the presidential more dignified Trump, for cronies the Mafia-type boss Trump.

But if you change fundamentally we might just get along somehow, you and I and the other 51 percent.
Stop lying. According to Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact, you were the “Liar of the Year,” out-lying every other candidate during the campaign over three-to-one. In fact PolitiFact rated Clinton’s comments during one debate as13 percent false and you Don at 52 percent false.

Stop lying Don.

According to Politicususa, you lied during the three debates once every 50seconds and still lost (the debates). To your supporters who don’t value integrity this is okay. They will ignore it. I won’t. The 51 percent won’t either.
Your followers like to say you “Tell it like it is.” In fact one woman said it’s okay for you to talk insultingly about women’s genitals because women talk about men that way too. But the president is supposed to set an example of leadership Don, a higher standard. You’re supposed to represent the best among us, not the status quo that everyone is foul-mouthed so it’s okay.

If you continue with this, myself, and the 51 percent, won’t support you.

You said Muslims celebrated in the streets in New Jersey after 9-11. It never happened. Is this telling it like it is? It’s a lie.

You said you draw bigger audiences than a singer Beyonce.

Is this telling it like it is? It’s a lie Don.

Don said Hillary Clinton was sleeping in her bed at the time of the Benghazi Embassy attacks. It was mid-afternoon on a Tuesday in Washington. Clinton was working. That was a lie Don.
All politicians lie, right Don? You see Don, lying got you into the White House. But it will become disastrous if you continue it in the White House.

What’s unique about you is that you are perhaps the first liar ever who doesn’t try to disguise his lie. If I said the sun didn’t come up yesterday, that’s a lie. We both know the sun came up yesterday. That’s what you do. You tell a lie that is instantly recognizable as a lie. But you don’t care. I’ve never seen this before. Most politicians lie in a way that they force you to at least lookup statistics to prove it’s a lie.

For example, you would have no problem saying that up is down.

Stop it Don!

For me there’s a problem Don. How do I tolerate a man who I find so objectionable I can’t even stand to look at him? You Don. You have stood for everything I despise in a person. I value honesty. You’re a liar. I value humility. You’re a braggart. I’m a veteran. You’re a draft dodger. I like people as a rule. You enjoy mocking people, their looks, their weight, their mannerisms.

In a rare Freudian moment you said, “If I let people treat me like they want,I’ll be made a fool.”
You’re afraid of people Don. That’s why you pose and strut around like a crow in the gutter.

That was in the past. I’m willing to forget and forgive if you will at least conduct yourself like an honorable human being. You treat me fair and I’ll treat you fair. Do we have a deal? That’s big for you, making a deal. I know it’s hard because you’re going to have to act like someone you’re not. That’s what happens when you get elected.

What worked before, insults, lies, taunts, won’t work now.

There’s a theory Don. A person who acts like a complete ass (obscene expletive deleted) goes into the Oval Office and sees the painting of George Washington and becomes more honorable, more presidential. The office shapes the person,who abandons their past mistakes.

I can provide numerous historical examples this is not the case. James Buchanan still wanted to let the South succeed from the Union and U.S. Grant, while honest himself, could not refrain from appointing crooked cronies to office.Nixon never stopped scheming.

You may have a chance to drop the bad habits of a lifetime. We’ll see.

One last thing Don:

You don’t know me and to you I’m a loser because I don’t have a pile of my father’s and other people’s money. But you are now a public servant Don. And I’m the public. I’m your boss now. You’re not my boss. Get that through your head Don. You can act big go ahead. But I’m a taxpayer. You serve me.

That’s what happens when you get elected Don.

Myself and the other 51 percent, we’ll see, won’t we?

Yours Disturbingly