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July 18, 2017

According to a new study, we would be right to question your sanity if you don't smile while looking at these cute cats.

People have always loved cute cats. All you have to do is search on YouTube to see how enthusiastic most people are about a really adorable house cat. But did you know that there might be some cats so cute that your sanity may come into question if they don’t make you smile?

A new study shows that if these cats doesn’t make you smile, you might be clinically insane in the eyes of the law. So if you’re not smiling right now, as you continue to scroll, there’s a good chance you’re insane.

cute cat 1.jpg


The study was relatively simple: 500 people were shown the photos you’re looking at right now. 82% of them immediately smiled. Another 9% thought for a second and then smiled. The remaining 9% were clearly insane because look at these f&@king cats!

cute cat 3.jpg

I’m sorry, but if you don’t find this kitten cute you are insane.

cute cat sleeping 2.jpg

Look at him on resting! Statistics show that either you’re beaming right now or should seek help.

cute cat multiple.jpg

PURRRRRRRFECT sanity if you smile at this.

If you didn’t smile when you saw those pictures, there’s no telling what you might do. I wouldn’t want you dating my daughter. And I certainly wouldn’t hire you for a job in which you had to interact with people. I would consider you too dangerous.

Doctor Randal FakeDoc of the Funny Institute of Sanity had this to say on the subject:

“We always try to be respectful in situations where someone’s sanity may be compromised. So, I’ll say this as respectfully as possible. Are you f&@king insane?! How do those f&@king cats not make you smile? Especially that last picture that had A BUNCH OF CATS. You’re a monster.”

cute cat 2.jpg

Kittens sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But what about people who are just grumpy?

The study goes further. A second group of people were polled. All of this set of people were grumpy as hell. Their friends describe them as grumpy. They describe themselves as grumpy. They grumped all morning on the day of the study, grumpily slouching in their chairs with their arms folded, and grumping about the perfectly fine coffee being bad. And they still smiled. At the same rate. This cat makes even grumpy people smile. Only the people in this group who were both insane and grumpy continued to not smile.

cute cat biting.jpg

If seeing this kitten biting that rug doesn’t make you happy, we can’t trust that you understand the difference between right and wrong.


He’s looking right at you! You better be smiling you f&@ing psychopath.

cute cat sleeping 3.jpg

You are unfit to drive if you’re not grinning from ear to ear. You’re too crazy to be behind the wheel.

cute cats in barrel.jpg


Sure, given the sample size, it is possible that someone could not smile at this cat and not be insane, but it doesn’t seem likely. It seems way more likely that you’re clinically insane.

Here at Funny or Die, we value mental health above all else. So if you looked at these photos and they did not make you smile, please seek help immediately. Some people just need to be told that there is a problem so they can take the necessary steps, so if this cute cat didn’t make you smile, just say so in the comments below and we will count on the good people of the internet to tell you that you might be insane. If you’re a sane person reading this, please do your part and respond to such comments in a polite but stern manner.