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January 11, 2016

Why don't white people just take ALL the roles at this point? It's 2016 and the cast of Gods of Egypt couldn't be whiter.

Why don’t white people just take all the roles at this point? God’s of Egypt may not be an accurate portrayal of Egyptians but let’s be real, only white actors work as hard as they do to get these roles and they are the ones who deserve it. And honestly, where on earth are we supposed to find a bunch of Egyptians or passable persons of color just trying to make it out there to fill these roles? Here are some more roles white actors would’ve done a better job playing than the actors that played them.

Meyer Wolfsheim in The Great Gatsby


Much respect to Amitabh Bachchan for his efforts but you can’t tell me this old Bollywood geezer is better than any of the white actors that the role was actually for. That Baz Luhrmann, pushing the damn envelope again.

Tom Haverford in Parks and Rec


The crazy thing here is that he didn’t even need to BE Indian. Any white person could’ve done the job wayyy better. The disrespect of a good white name.

The Lyon Family in Empire


This is incredibly unfair. How are white kids supposed to learn that they too can be rich and successful if they don’t see more rich and successful characters on the screen that look like them?

Jane Villanueva in Jane the Virgin


This is what you call an abomination. There’s only one virgin to give birth and she’s Mary and she so obviously was white.

Annalise Keating In How to Get Away With Murder


Yeah, actually, I’m gonna leave this one alone… so..

Alex Parrish in Quantico


But this? Uh uh! Bollywood, stop your shit. A white woman definitely could’ve played an FBI agent named goddamn Alex Parrish. Like everyone knows Jessica Simpson is looking for work.

The Cast of Roger & Hammerstein’s Cinderella


What message are we really trying to send to our white babies? That they can’t be princesses? That a black woman and a white man can have an Asian prince? Roger & Hammerstein, you should be ashamed of yourself, honestly.

Selena Quintanilla in Selena


Are they not good enough to play Mexican pop princesses, either?

Harold and Kumar in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle


Could’ve been Harold and Barry instead. Think, sheeple!

Minho in The Maze Runner


I don’t care what the book says! Deplorable.

Ice Cube in Straight Outta Compton


So what he look like his dad?

It’s every white boy’s dream to play a rapper in a Hip Hop biopic and this kind of negligence is telling them that they’re just not good enough for these types of roles.

List of Characters POC Should Continue Playing

Fret not, there are still some roles out there that no white actor dare take from a person of color.

  • Slaves
  • Terrorists
  • Prisoners
  • Butlers
  • Poverty
  • Slaves
  • Terrorists
  • Criminals
  • Unfunny Stereotypes
  • Drug Dealers/Drug Kingpins
  • Mean-spirited Individuals
  • Slaves
  • Terrorists