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( GFW Rant ): 

Well the GFW needs a t.v show and a online B show so you can keep the fans in the loop of what is going on the GFW. An post lots of Youtube stuff as well and what not. 

Bring in the biggest names you can get from all over the world is a must do for the GFW if your asking me pro wrestling sports fans. You dig players ! you dig ! A ! 

Really push the tag team divison hard because tag team wrestling in pro wrestling is dang near dead in my eyes anyways so pick it up with the tag teams GFW for reals. 

New gear, new gimmicks, new music, the whole 9 with some good story telling where even the jobbers have storylines mixed with 5 star action is what the GFW needs. 

Cherry Bomb for womens champ and really turn the womens division in the GFW into the best womens division in the world is a must do for the GFW big dogs. 

A killer Light Heavyweight Divison with some real edge like the old TNA  X divison or the old W.C.W. cruiserweights you kind of like some AAA sh*t would be nuts GFW ! 

Colin Delaney for t.v champ because his the next Bryan Danielson but better and younger than my boy Daniel Bryan. ( An that is coming from a American Dragon Fan. )

Make it for the teens and adult nerds at a tv 14 level so you can really push things in the GFW is what we need from the GFW if you know what am saying GFW ! 

The GFW needs a scary wrestler and that man should be Mega Muerte but his needs a sexy edge-E valet like Daffney or someone nuts like her if you kno what am sayin. 

"The Blood Brothers" The Vampire Warrior Gangrel and Kevin "Thorn" Fertig with Shelly Martinez as there Valet would be a killer new tag team for the GFW if you ask me.

 Well GFW you say your going to let the fans in on it more than the other compaies do so keep it real with fans by letting the fans turn people face or heel and what not. 

A GFW video game for PS4 and X BOX ONE would really help bring in the teens and the adults nerds to the t.v show and the live events and sh*t. Just sayin GFW ! 

Hey TNT and TBS pick up GFW and give it the old W.C.W. Times slots, Mondays 9pm -11pm on TNT,  Thursdays 8pm - 10pm on TBS,  and Saturdays 6pm -7pm on TBS. 

The GFW linking up with TNA on down the road might not be a bad idea since Double J does own 29% of TNA and all you know. But yeah  link up with other companies. 

Use the 6 sided ring and do things like the king of the mountain and all that other crap that TNA used to do back in the old days when double J was the main owner of tna. 

Video packages, DVDs and what not kind of stuff for the back stories of  wrestlers in the GFW would a nice thing if you want to go deep with storylines and sh*t in the GFW. 

Booking never before seen matches right off the bat for the GFW show or online stuff would be a smart thing for the GFW to be doing if you want a big fan base going on. 

Hey GFW a smart move for you all would be to take in the very best men and women in the independents so the others can't push the young because you have them. 

Hey t.v networks if you where smart you would pick up GFW because it's new so fans want to see it more than any other pro wrestling company, it's cheap, it's always fresh, and the right people are run the show in GFW so it's going to be a hit all over the world. So am telling you big wigs now be smart and add the GFW up big dogs for reals. 

Remeber GFW sex sales so it's ok every now and then if you want to go full on trashy for a segment or two every now and then to spice things up in the GFW you dig. 

There are a lot of hardcore pro wrestling fans out there so put in a hardcore match or two every now and then but no hardcore theme nights or anything like that crap. 

( An i'll get into this stuff a lot after the company gets up off the ground. ) 


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