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Published February 28, 2014

Being a drunk is a lifestyle choices that i have chosen for myself and it's been a bad one. Lets see here i have been sick and hungover more time than i count because am high school drop out so i can't count that high. ( because of a pussy ! but lets not get into that stuff because it makes me want to drink hard.) other than that it's lead me into using hard drugs of all kinds when super f*cking hammered ( But lets not talk about that crap ) an i have been hurt lots of times when drunk as sh*t ! Am talking multiple concussions, 2nd degree burns ( some would say 3rd degree burns ), busted teeth ( lost a tooth no that long ago ), have woken up with black and blue marks all over my body lots of times after a long night of being sh*t faced drunk ! 100's of black outs, also i have had sex with lots of fat girls ( an also i have done a lot of other illegal sexual acts when drunk but lets not bring that freaky stuff up ok. ) also everyone hates me when am drunk because i say things i should not say and act a fool a. An i have been in jail lots of times when drunk as Hell ! But the funny thing is that drinking isn't holding me back in life because the thing that is holding me back in life is been a pot head ( Weed the only thing that keeps my mind on spiritual and + things ) an being a pot head is holding back in life because i can not get a job because am a weed smoker so no one will give me a job. An now am 28 years old living with my parents who hate that the fact i live with them. O yeah tones of butt f*cking fun over here at the Stetar household where the good time never end. Thanks addiction ! #SmokeWeedEveryDay #BeerMe