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August 07, 2009


Don't let the skate clothes and hats fool ya, I'm getting older and starting to notice a few things...

Here are some signs that you may be getting older...

1) Dark blue Jeans with orange stitching - Momma Jeans, usually pulled up over the belly button

2) Fanny Packs - Because wallets and purses are no longer stylish?

3) You know who Cousin Pam from the Cosby Show is

4) Sesame Snaps are a treat for you

5) You think Crocs are funky footwear

6) You still use Old SNL catch phrases like "NOT" or "Shwing"

7) Condoms are no longer embarrassing to buy

8) When wife asks you to buy "That Time" products you ask without thinking "With or Without Wings?"

9) You call a Coke or a Pepsi "POP"

10) Sometimes re-wipes are just necessary

11) Spend a lot of time flexing in front of the mirror (with a frown)

12) Hawaii shirts with matching shorts and tube socks

13) Mid 30's and standing in line at the local skate shop in front of a 15 year old kid and your buying the same shirt as him (Me, god I'm a loser)

14) On line banking makes you sweaty, confused and angry

15) The thought of Astro Boy still makes you smile and feel strong

16) When your barber asks you if he can clean up your ears!!!!! ( Fuck me!!!)

17) Velcro Shoes seem like a much safer and terrific idea

18) Mini Van time (Sport package for sure)

19) Strange Brew is one of your favorite movies ( OH CANADA!)

20) Doing puzzles (not with children)

Im sure there are tons more... Help me out! Let me know how your feeling.

Thanks for stopping by you crazy kids!