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Written by: Jaclyn Fleming & Michael Lake

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November 09, 2012

A welcome letter to the city of Toronto to: Mr. Rob “Danger-Pants” Delany M.D.,

Mr. Rob “Danger-Pants” Delany M.D.,

Mi friend and I wold lick 2 welcome U to Toronto, Ontraio, Canada (the “H” is silent).  Wii have bein sew excided too have U cum to Toronto. Wii have meny different things too sea hear in TOronoto.  Wii have a lake nd a fairy too tak U too Centre iland.  Wii have a real big tower lick the 1 in “Lord of the rings”: The movee!.  The tower is sew big peple think itz lick a biig peanus. One thyme my gramma sed she saw a peanus . it waz croqueted. It waz mi grampas.  He died tho. Sew she cant seeit n e moore. : (

N e whey bac to lerning abowt Toronto (the “R” is rather loud).  Wii R a multee cultered citee.  Wii have meny litle tauns incide the citee.  Wii have little Itily, Lil’ Portchewgal, small China, and Cuba Gooding Jr. U r goin too bee on the Danfourth.  It iz all sew cauld Greak taun. If U lick too eet wii have meny placez too eet at.  Wut do U lick to eet? If I noe, I can tel U wut placez R good.  I lick lotz of feud butt I raly lick Itilyanne.  It tastez good nd they allwayz mak it look nice. Greak is good 2 tho. All the feud in Canaduh is real hansome and swarthy

They’re r lots of clubs nd “hubbubs” to danse.  If U lick to danse; U wuld need too go too the club diztrikt to unleesh the danse monstar.  They have lotz of nice-lookin peeple.  B’ware of any mary-jane potsmoking criminals tho! make shure 2 not axidently look1 in the i it may b fatal. Its sugjested u’ve a muscular femail bodyguard w/ U at all times or at least a k9 police dog.

1thing that, Canadianists pried themselfs on is the free healthcare. I saw on the T.V. that So-Sobama wants 2do the same thing in ur county! If u need attenshun anytime during ur stay just fax ur symptums to our coordinator Hank and hee’ll WeBmD those things 4 u.

Wii r cumidiannes nd wii lick to mak peeple laff.  U r amazein at makin peeple laff n findin’ that tickle buton.  Wii r excided too sea Ur showe.  Wii lick to rite nd act nd do showes two.

Wii wantid too ask if U wood lick too have a drink with uz.  Wii undarstind U r bizy nd must get askd to hang out all the tim! but wii thout it wuld bee nice to get to noe U. Thank U four Ur tim.  Wii hope U will tak uz up on the off r.

(How did u heer about Canidah? We hav a pretty good skore on Yelp! Dot com, if u take ten mins to complete a survy on the countrie wee’ll send u a Furby)

 Allsew, I have booobz. 


Jaclyn Fleming & Michael Lake