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August 14, 2008


03:33 pm - just another apocalypse sign post
Yes,in deed I got some smart ass remarks to about the article in the last post.If you can suit a preacher wife and a rich televangelist 10% of their net worth cause she elbow your left titty and you allegedly fell up against the bathroom.Which caused anxieties and hemorrhoids. This story is giving me a pain in the ass.Where my money?Loss of faith and anxieties. I went through Hurricane Katirna and toxic flood waters in new Orleans.Where my money?Oh,the government gave to some assholes who work for Black Water.FEMA gave me only $2000 and asked for it back year.Which I deal with for 6 months until they decided I don't own them anything.I got the shits from eating at Taco bell.Where's my money?Bitch shut the fuck and stick some preparation H up your ass!There's people out there with REAL problems!!!