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Published March 10, 2012
In support of the worldwide search for Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony, America’s Drive-In ® is officially declaring it Coney 2012! That’s right – Sonic ® is offering half-off footlong Coneys for the rest of the year. With the press of a red button, you can end your stomach’s war on hunger while also battling one of our generation’s most sadistic mass murderers. One small step can change the world - just imagine what one of our friendly carhops can do in a pair of roller skates! So even if the internet fails to apprehend the malicious, third-world tyrant, you can still find a delicious, all-beef frank any time - only at Sonic ®!
To aid the search for Joseph Kony, click here.
To entice your web browser’s taste buds, click here.
Find justice. Find freedom. Find Coney 2012!

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