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May 05, 2017

Tell your favorite politician how you really feel.

As the use of greeting cards has expanded way beyond just “Happy Birthday” or “Get Well,” we’ve been discussing how the video interactive cards pioneered by MemoryTag can be used for a variety of purposes, such as an abusive boss.

You might tell him in a card “You’re a waste of skin.”

Or a card for a former wife who made your life a living hell, divorced you and took all your money. You might tell her, “Roses are red,violets are blue, I should have listened to my mother….she warned me about you.”

Okay cards can also be used for positive things like “I love you” and “Thank You for Being You.”

We’ve all been told that when there is a national issue of importance and our elected representatives are not properly addressing it we should call or write a letter demanding that they do so. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities for a MemoryTag video card.

With MemoryTag not only can you write a note to your congressman on what a poor job he/she is doing, but by downloading the app and recording a message with your smartphone, and placing it on the card, you can tell the elected representative to their face how their performance in government makes you want to puke. The elected official opens your card, sees your written message, downloads the MemoryTag app and views your video on their smartphone.

For example in a card you could say:

I.L. Scamu
Member of U.S. Congress

Dear Congressman Scamu:

You make me sick. You’re an idiot. You placed a special tax on the interstate transportation of manure and this is my business. I haul cow sh’t across state lines for fertilization purposes. Now because of you I’m up sh’t creek without a paddle. What do you have against sh’t? You’re full of it, you’d think you’d like it.

A Former Loyal Constituent

Or how about this one:

Senator Les Fleesum
Member U.S Senate

Dear Senator Fleesum:

Early in your candidacy for U.S. Senate I came to the conclusion you were a thief, a liar, a mountebank, a poser, a cheat, an egomaniac, a pervert, a sadist, a religious fanatic, a bisexual philanderer and a substance abuser. That’s why I voted for you. I wanted you to shake things up. But have you? No! You have become mainstream, just like all the other politicians. Cancel my vote and my subscription to your newsletter.

Or how about:

Congressman P. Ennis
Congressional Fathead

Dear P.

Pee on you!

I have worked all my life and a kid waiting in the check-out line at the grocery store looked up at me, yanked my hand and said, “You’re old!” Do you care? Not on your life. You want to take away my Social Security that I depend on to live, because unlike you, I’m unsuccessful. The government took my money out of my paycheck in my brutal job that I worked at for forty years every paycheck, with the promise I could draw it when I got old enough, and now that I need it, you want to take it away to buy doomsday weapons of mass destruction. Because there are too many other people you promised wanting it and because it’s a pool of money you can plunder. Sound fair?

I served in combat and you didn’t and I got disabled and I’m afraid to go to the veterans’ center because of the poor veterans’ care (that moron you call a doctor stuck a cotton swab in my ear halfway through my brain and I screamed and ran out). This is how you treat veterans? I fought while you hid, you have money, I don’t; you want what little I have left. Sound fair?

I drive around in a banged up Volkswagen and you drive in a limousine and call yourself a patriot. Sound fair?

Or how about:

Congresswoman Fannie Licker
Do-Gooder Maniac

Dear Ms. Licker:

I heard about the bill you sponsored to provide reparations (tax) damages payments to the descendants of victims of the conquest of Babylon in 539 BCE by the First Persian Empire in what is today Iraq. Don’t you think this is a bit extreme? I mean 539 years before Christ was a long time ago. I know Americans are supposed to lead the world and set an example but tax money to Babylon? Why not just make Iraq a part of the United States as a new state and provide welfare aide?

Better yet, why don’t you find a boyfriend to occupy your time instead of saving the world and make him happy rather than make us miserable with your cockamamie ideas? Bake a pie. Give him sex. Make a man happy. Or is it a case of, you’re really afraid that somewhere….somehow….someone else other than you is having a good time and you’re not and you’re jealous, so to occupy your time you want to save the world from itself.

Give us all a break and take a break.


Dick Power
Concerned Citizen