A fraternity at Old Dominion hung signs outside their house stating that they were a “Freshman Daughter Drop Off.” The mothers and fathers of incoming freshmen girls were rightfully up in arms about this perpetuation of rape culture, resulting in the suspension of Sigma Nu. And yet when an Old Dominion sorority hung a “Freshman Son Drop Off,"dads of incoming freshmen boys didn’t seem to mind. Check out some key quotes below.

“A sorority did that? They said drop dads off there? That’s terrible. I mean, have some respect. Did you say what the address was of that house?” — Paul Curtis, 49

“Go ahead and drop dad off too? Are they serious about that? Drop him off for what? Sorry, can you please describe that in more detail?” — Gary Belfort, 55

“Unbelievable. Treating our boys like pieces of meat? These girls should be ashamed of themselves. Ah, who am I kidding. Son, go get your dick wet!” — Michael Goldsmith, 53

“I don’t buy into all this controversy about these dang signs. Those sorority gals probably just want our sons and us to come over and fix their sink and take out the trash. That’s what all women want.” — Garret Bowman, 50

“Those girls did what? And they didn’t get in trouble for it? Oh, I’ll get them in trouble for it. Wait — I’m sorry. Please don’t print that.” — Chuck Sanger, 55

“You’re damn right I’m offended by that fraternity with the signs! These are our daughters they’re talking about! My daughter is only 17 years old. She came to college to study, not to be objectified by some bozo sex hounds … A sorority did the same thing? I’d better tell my son about that, he’s a senior in high school and definitely coming to ODU next year!” — Scott Rudman, 58

“That’s great! What a fun group of gals!” — Doug Reichenbach, 62

“I get why a fraternity would want to have sex with moms. That makes sense to me. I like having sex with my children’s mom. I’m not sure why sorority girls would want to have sex with dads, though. I don’t like having sex with dads.” – Ed Garcia, 57

“Well, I’m uncomfortable with the idea of those sorority girls sexualizing themselves like that, but it sounds like a great opportunity for my son to get laid. I think boys should have sex whenever and with whomever they want, but girls should be locked away in a tower until they’re married … Who are the boys supposed to be having sex with then? I don’t know, maybe the bad girls who don’t have good parents?” — Richard Neufeld, 60

“It’s fascinating. The media attention that the fraternity received was rightfully shaming. The signs were a disgusting perpetuation of rape culture, of course. But in the response, both from the University and news outlets, I couldn’t help but detect a desexualizing of women, the fear that yes, our little girls and wives are sexual beings with sexual agency. In the reverse situation, the sorority is perceived as harmless, further highlighting the parents’ and the news media’s problematic tendency to treat women as either Madonnas or Whores … Hmm? Oh no, I’m not a father. I’m an English professor here.” — Gregory Holland, 45

“Rape culture? Never heard of it. People these days need to remember that boys will be boys and girls will be girls and dads will be dads.” — Terry Little, 70