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May 11, 2009


There's a pill on the market that claims to help alleviate symptoms of depression, but one of it's side effects are increased thoughts of suicide.  Isn't that like a stool softener that causes constipation, or a pain killer that causes excruciating pain?  I don't understand the logic behind the marketing. Having a product which has a side effect that is a symptom of the illness it is supposed to cure, I would think, should be a secret.  They can advertise a medicine without talking about its side effects as long as they don't mention the illness it is intended for.  It would seem to me that in this case you wouldn't mention the illness so that you could keep its contrary nature under wraps.  "It will cure you're depression, but it might make you want to kill yourself," isn't a very good sales pitch.  But that's just my opinion, and what do I know.  Maybe they were trying to seem honest and trustworthy, kind of saying "Hey, we know our product doesn't work, but could you buy it anyway?"  Hoping everyone would be like "Ya know, they didn't have to tell us that.  I think we can trust them, I'll try thier product."  They've had an add on TV for a while now, so I guess thier scheme worked.  I think I'n gonna market a deoderant that stinks, appearantly that should sell.