Not every house has a fireplace. Our parents’ house doesn’t have a fireplace. Our current apartment doesn’t have a fireplace, and, come to think of it none of our apartments have had fireplaces. Are apartments not allowed to have fireplaces? Our cousin’s house has a fireplace, but we don’t go there that often, plus they don’t even host Christmas there even though that would be optimal time to invite people over and crank on the ol’ F.P.

The yuletide season can be a tough time for those of us who don’t have fireplaces. Thankfully, those of us living fireplace-free lifestyles are not totally out of the loop, because we still have videos of fireplaces. Here is one remarkably, peacefully uneventful one that is 45-minutes long and has Nick Offerman in it, brought to you by Lagavulin whisky and whoever’s hearth that is (not ours, that’s for sure, since we don’t have one and never have).