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September 14, 2009


HI, every1! I dont have much time 2 talk, because I m a BUSY MOVIE EXECUTIV! I work hard everyday on making movie magic happen! OMG WHAT A DAY! I have done so many tings! My suit is swetty from all the HARD WORK! Do you want to hear bout my day? O.K. I will tell you. But don't leak any of my secrets to Paramount because THEY R RUTHLESS!!! K this is how i maek movie magic:

FIRST in my busy day i had a meeting with Brandon Camp and Mike Thompson. Boys, I say, Ur movie is great and all, but whatzit about? They reply, OMG its about aron eckert and jen aniston and they meet and... but i cut them off. I say No it is about love! you shuld call dis movie Luv Happens! they nod their heads and are shocked at my smarts, because I hav lots of smarts. THAT"S RITE EVERY1 THIS IS WHAT MOVIE BIZNESS IS ALL ABOUT!!! MILIONS OF BOX OFFICE $$$$ THANKS TO ME!!

Next i have a meeting with america sweethart yes you know who it is SANDARA BULLOCKS! we sit at the table but im not nervous becuz SHE SHULD B NERVOUS I"M A BIGTIME EXECUTIVE! I say Sandara, your movie is about what? and she says It is about this guy steev and... and I say STOP RIGHT THERE SANDARA UR MOVIE SHULD B CALLED ALL ABOT STEEV and she cried because i was SUCH IMPRESSIVE BIZNESS EXECUTIVE! MORE $$$$$BOXOFFICE$$

Wut can i do next u ask? well nxt i go to a litle place i liek to call IN AND OUT and i say to the worker guy I want a doubl doubl and he sez FRIEZ & DRINK? and I say NO THANKS I M ON A DIET my wifes makin me and he sez I wont tell and i say no thanks i luv my wief and dont want to base our reltionship on lie and disonesty but just kno that I CULD HAVE GOTTEN FRIES N DRINK THO BECUZ I'M A BUSY EXECUTIVE! $$$$ANMALSTILE$$$

........so taht wuz my day n how i make MOVE MAGIC. THANK U SO MUCH 4 READING!! I aprecate it and WILL C U L8R! I haev 2 go meet w/ micheal bey YESS THAT MICHAEL BEY!!!!!