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March 09, 2016

Bob Odenkirk interviews Chicago country musician Robbie Fulks.

Comedian Bob Odenkirk has had the type of career most people could only dream of. From SNL to Mr. Show, Odenkirk’s fingerprints have shaped the modern comedy landscape, while more recently Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul have left but only a few households in which “Bob Odenkirk” isn’t a household name … or at least if someone saw him in person, they’d be like, “Hey, Martha, get over here. I think I recognize this goof!“

Now Bob’s quest to household-name status comes full circle with the premiere episode of The Bob Odenkirk Interview Quiz Challenge Show. In the first, and who knows maybe only, episode, Bob sits down in the very first household he was ever known, his own. Joined by country musician Robbie Fulks, the pair discuss the art of songwriting, their shared love of Chicago and the new season of Better Call Saul and the many reasons why you should probably watch it.

Fulks, whose album Upland Stories is available on April 1, actually begins the interview by pretending to leave. It’s the type of move that’ll make you say “Hey Martha, get back over here. You gotta check this other guy. He’s a goof who can play the guitar!”

Check out the full episode right now, immediately below this sentence.