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February 25, 2012

What good is someone whose image is of trying to be a rolemodel in the public eye; my life is simple and I'm absolutely alive for adventure! Is there anyone out there who can feel me? Not only what good is life, if one cannot change somebody elses lifebesides females all the time, but what about inspiring new male figure's, which could be better for the economy and inspire new heads to the throne as well. Where's the love at?

What good is someone whose image is of trying to be a rolemodel in the public eye; when really you are not trying to allow others to stand and build on your shoulders of success. I am under the assumption that it is good to see other blk men become successful at one thing in America; the Curtis Jackson, Russel Simmions, Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant, Micheal Jordan, Oprah, and BET ex-owner ect. The million dollar question is why has these inspirational men success been kept so high profile that it is difficult for other younger fellows to rub shoulders with them, success it still remains a mystery. Do these men remember how hard it was for them to carry their own weight to get to fame and fortune and why don't they reflect back on the struggle by trying to free more lives; and why didn't they try to get more involve inside the communities of poverty, where they came out of is my unquestion? Is it because once each transpire above the ones who were living basic someone comes along and instructs them to let go of the past and reminds them how important it is to focus on the ability of what you can do to control your own destiny? If this be the case then nobody know the struggles, I have endure and how hard it is; not only to break into limelight of stardom, but to have the ability to meet some of the most important icons that helped influence your generation. Literally these icons fround time to time were some peoples guide in direct of unfathomable circumstances, just by having been made official. My second question would be who told them that it was safer to keep low profile then to reach outside of their element to pass the torch. I don't know, but this is just a few of the unanwser question to life, that I've always wanted to know, that attract me, trouble me, and bothersome keep me awake at times during the night wishing and wondering that (what if's) I could have met so in so, and they were more assessable to me would my life, career and purpose have somehow been altered from present reality. Hey wise men listen and learn from mentoers while idiot wont heed at attion, if there are people that can anwser truthfully and sincerely to this blog please feel free(: As of right now I need I am seeking incite from anyone and everyone who will spend some priceless compassion to check me, as of my current situation I need my neighbor to help me feed my baby in return for a favor because I am unworthy, so I speak my words public. Did you know? Some turkey's will fight and fret with the public, and some will fall flat on their bottoms; however I shall continue to achieve ever goal I set out to do, everyone and maybe more life is simple!