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April 09, 2009


I'm suing Dr.Pepper and Gene Simmons of KISS for using my material without permission.Shit,I got no money,Dr.Pepper;no Coke and Smile.I didn't get Gene Simmons to lick my asshole clean with that big-ass tongue of his.Not that I'm into that.I wouldn't mind if I got a blow-job for his wife.Me being Jewish myself knows that it's not gonna be easy to get money from another Jew.Especially,an Israeli Jew.They're a special kind of cheap.Trust Me,I'm Jewish.I know these things.Hey,Gene Simmons altered my Trust Me,It's communion line from my joke about roman catholic priests to Trust me,I'm a Doctor!Corporate America can suck my balls.Corporations runs this country not politicians.Piss on Dr.Pepper and Gene Simmons aka Chaim Weitz was always a corporate sellout from day one.I wished I find a lawyer that don't ripoff me off to take the case.I sick of being poor and getting paid for my material and ideas.More to come ...stay tuned sports fans.SAKBLABBATH HAS SPOKEN.