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June 07, 2009


A minorty of the crowd dressed barely casual.They were the better ones.The best wore shirts ties,and dresses.(About 10). 38 of em had on identicial matching outfits.The majority were mixed with baseball caps foward and backwards,camo pants and shorts,blue jeans dirty and clean,old and new,cut off and not.Pants past the ass.Short short shirt dresses with no leggings,wind blown hair long and short,greasy and some clean,and a sea of Tee shirts and tank tops.Where was I?
No ,not a tractor pull....No,not a concert.....A High School graduation ceremony(The 38)...yes !

I took a shower,shined my shoes,comed my hair.I wore a nice polo shirt and dress slacks.(Thank goodness I did'nt choose the suit and tie.They would have thought I was a speaker,the 10.)Smelly stuff and deororent.And of coarse my Stetson Muldoon hat.

I know,good for me right ! But really why cant people dress up a little any more.I mean really at least for your kids graduation.Granted the class size was only 38 but show a little respect.....And find a sitter for the baby...she wont remember your graduation anyway!