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Published: May 01, 2010
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Justin Bieber .
Do you know .
When I hear your voice .
I just fall in love with you .
Since that .
I miss you everyday .
And I can't stop laugh love and miss you .
Do you know .
Whlie you coming my heart .
My life change a lot .
And I also change a lot .
Because of you .
My sky is very very blue .
Because of you .
I smile everyday .
Now .
you will in heart forever .
Until I forget you or I die .
In my heart .
You're the best one .
And you're my favorite boy .
A lovely boy .
A handsome boy .
A fifthteen-year-old boy .
You just only older one year than me .
But I love you so much .

To:my favorite boy——Justin Bieber .

By:your Chinese fans .

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