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August 28, 2008


Here's my take onĀ  the last 3 days of DNC.A whole lot of goofballs in funny hats and costumes if you saw them in the real world you would drop a fucking net on them.Or,send them to new orleans where nobody would care or notice.Michelle obama said she loves her husband.Well,isn't that nice?Of course,nobody cares.Hillary Clinton told people she voting Barack Obama and her moron cult followers still vote for her.Wake up people it's either Obama or MCKlan,I mean,McCain.Freudian slip just like Joe Biden,last night.People busting Madonna's balls about having a video comparing John McCain or Hitler.There's one big difference some people liked Hitler.Nobody like McCain.If you're looking for political opinions from Madonna;you better shove your head right back up your ass and party like 1999 between the Purple rain crossing borderlinejust like a virgin or prayer!!!Look at the calender,assholes.The eighties left 18 years ago.Joe biden talks good for a fellow struttlltltllerrr!Bill Clinton had some words of wisdom. Don't get any blowjobs in the Oval office!Tonight,they're having the BIG SHOW in Mile High Stadium.Strangely enough,Spike lee had some words of wisdom.Don't think it's over...wait a minute,ain't that an eighties song.It ain't over and we still got a long way to go.See what a backward ass nation we can be sometimes.Hell,those red state guys making videos look like they're from Arizona.It's can be scary living in the state that elected John McCain senator.But,it's a lot drier than living in NOLA.