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October 06, 2008


Hey y'all. Got to ride on a road that was wide enough for one car, but two cars going two ways were zooming along. Thought I was gonna die. Rock slides, 1,000' drop offs 6" away from your front tire. But we finally got to Martinborough, one of New Zealand's wine places. Rented a cottage and when we checked in we found it was exactly next door to a day care center flooded with screaming children. Not our idea of a holiday, ahh? Cancelled that. Now staying at the Peppers Martinborough Hotel. Dinner last night at the Tirohana Estate Winery. As soon as we drove up, I thought we were mistaken for some celebrities 'cause two young gentlemen in long black aprons darted out the door into the rain with umbrellas to escort us into the estate where we were met by the owner, Raymond Thompson. He turns out to be a famous TV and film writer/producer here. Wow wee. And Ozzie Osborne had just been in for lunch or something. We had a 5-course dinner with prize-winning wine. Only time I ever had that was at a family reunion in Panther County and the wine wasn't really that good. Then back to the hotel where we sampled whisky (now we're talking) with the new catering contractors, Jonny Ashe and wife Samantha in the pub by the fire. I still think we're being mistaken for some rock stars or something.

Both Tirohana Estate Winery and a stay at the Martinborough Hotel are a must-do if you get to this part of the world.

Y'all hold down the fort, till be get back next week. Yee-haw!