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February 16, 2011

Okay, yes. It sounds gross. And it is. BUT... no that's it. Gross.

By now there's a good chance you've seen a video of kid vomiting all over his choir. It's an exercise in pint-size badassery. If you have not, here it is: 

Haha. The best part was when he puked. Anyway, now that we've likely rewatched that over and over again, repeatedly impressed with his nonchalance and the way he's seemingly saying "This is my choir now" at the end, let's take a look at the victims here. They may actually be the real stars. 

1. This Girl (Right Before She's Puked On)

Oh dear. Your look says it all. You know of the impending doom. Yet there's nothing you can do. 

2. Same Girl (Post-Puke)

Yeah. You've been puked on. 

3. The Older Girl Who First Catches It and Does Everything She Can to Maintain Composure 

"Keep it together, Sally. You finally won that solo and if this choir disbands, you'll never have that opportunity again. Stay. Calm." 


Oh Sally. 

5. The Boy Unaware of What's Going On

"Don't forget the words. Don't forget the words."
(looks around)
"Everybody's stopping for some inexplicable reason. Now's my time to shine."

6. The Kid Who's Unfazed 

Nice haircut. 

7. The Girl Frozen in Fear

The most natural reaction of the bunch. 

8. The Champion, Lording Over His Fine Work

Everyone Together. A fine class picture for the fridge.