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February 20, 2011

Jefferson Davis is re-inaugurated as President of the Confederacy. the legion of doom celebrates.

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Jefferson Davis Re-Inaugurated as President of the Confederacy!

Legion of Doom Celebrates!

Although the American Civil War has been over for 146 years Jefferson Davis is being re-inaugurated as President of the Confederate States of America. The ceremony is taking place in Montgomery, Alabama the site of the first inaugural. Thanks to the Sons of Confederate Veterans (and black majik, of course) the South shall rise again! Here are some high points of President Davis' speech that have been leaked to the press.

We, the free people of the South, shall not tolerate any tyranny similar to Obamacare. Obamacare is the greatest threat to liberty we have seen...

We, the free people of the South, demand restitution for the injustices we have suffered from our tormentors...

We, the free people of the South, will have slaves - lots of slaves. White people, this is a first come, first served situation so grab as many slaves as you want before they runnout...

Members of the Legion of Doom have sent their comrade congratulations.

BWAAAAHAHA! You scored a great victory today! Hope it works out better than the last time.

PS - You still owe your membership dues.

- from Lord Baphomet, official accountant of the Legion of Doom

I welcome your ascension to the Presidency of the Confederate States of America, Mr Davis. For far too long the War of Northern Aggression has been characterized incorrectly (history is written by the winners, after all). Then, as today, the US federal government desires to enslave the self sovereign states. Your success is a shining example to those of us who yearn for justice. My heart and prayers are with you, as always.

- from Chimpzilla


George Soros is the anti-Christ!


Buy more gold!

Did I mention NAZIS?

What was I talking about?

- from Glenn Beck, Communications Director of the Legion of Doom


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