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March 13, 2008


As I wait out the horrible length of time before my physics test (I've been awake for... uh...

I can't do math too well right now, hold on....

... 24 hours minus 6, thats about when I woke up... oh 18 hours, right. However, that was only about an hour of sleep after being up for about 7 hours before that. So... well, I'm just really tired.

Anyway, my opinion of turtlenecks. They're named after a literally retarded animal, and therefore there stands little reason not to think that clothing item is also retarded, if not more so. Any female I have seen wearing one looks very stiff in a way... it's not attractive at all. Plus the clothing itself is not attractive. Alright, here's a sexy idea, lets put a huge honkin collar on your shirt that kinda just flops however it wants and is generally 4 sizes larger than your neck to add to the floppiness. Oh and be sure to choose the ugliest colors possible.

Ok, if a turtleneck is black, and has a properly fitting neck, I can see that as acceptable. Especially if the wearer is tall, thin, and has a long neck. Short people, and especially short wide people, do not belong in turtlenecks. Seriously, a regular shirt is a turtleneck on these folks. If you have a short neck, don't wear a turtleneck!

That brings me to another thought, there seems to be a large number of people that absolutely must maintain a temperature of 90+ degrees AROUND their body to be comfortable. I don't understand that at all, I think the biggest difference I've noticed is between Coloradoans and Californians. Most actual Coloradoans (or New Yorkers, well one New Yorker who I rode with) will be more comfortable in a cooler car when it's, imagine this, cool outside. Crack a window, put the vents on cool, all that. However, Californians tend to crank up the heat, windows cranked shut, if the temperature drops below 70. What's the deal? Californians, talk to me, what's your deal? Enjoy the cooooool weather, it's taking a job away from your body for a while, take advantage of it eh?

That's all for now... almost time for physics :-\