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August 03, 2009


Growing older isn't avoidable, looking older is. Now you can have the power to control the aging of the skin and the wrinkles that appear.  A little bit of knowledge of the skin texture and composition can do wonders to help you to tackle the wrinkles.


Ultraviolet sun rays, air pollution, the ozone atmospheric layer, stress and cigarette smoke inhalation can all deteriorate skin tissue. These factors result producing the free radicals in the body. This deterioration or oxidizing by free radicals decays collagen, which is the main cell structure of the skin.


Collagen has high tensile strength, and provides the support base for skin tissue, or in other words it is what holds it up and keeps it from sagging. As the body ages, it also ads to the aging skin issue by failing to produce as much collagen as the skin needs. Hence, aging skin, dark circles and baggy eyes begins.



One of the most powerful antioxidants is Resveratrol. It was first discovered as a component in the skin of red grapes. The French turn red grapes into wine, and it has been noted that French citizens have way fewer degenerative diseases such as heart disease, and it is believed that is a direct result of their consumption of red wine. Recently, researchers have made facial creams containing Resveratrol, and have also made ingestible capsules with a concentrated form of red Resveratrol powder called Res-V. This product concentrates on reversing the signs of aging, such as skin spots, wrinkles and sagging skin.


One of the unique properties of Resveratrol is its ability to be paired with other therapeutic polyphenols. Quercetin is another such plant polyphenol, which may enhance Res-V's bio-availability.


There are five secrets to caring for sagging eye skin. These eye therapies can help you remove wrinkles and bags around the eyes, and could make them go away for an extended period of time that will seem like forever. Firstly, sunglasses should be worn when going out into the sun at all times. These glasses should be large enough and made good enough to protect your eyes from radiation. Next, eye massage can be an excellent stimulant for skin tissues around the eyes and promote better capillary circulation in the tissue. That could reduce the fluid buildup which causes eye skin deterioration. Anti-wrinkle pillows can be used while you're sleeping to take pressure off the sensitive tissue areas around the eyes. Get seven to eight hours of sleep, and use eye creams to extend the effect sleep has on reinvigorating eye skin tissue. And lastly, using two skin treatment ingredients Eyeliss and Halyoxy tend to reduce puffiness, dark circles and eye wrinkles.


Within 72 hours after Dermapril is first applied, there is noticeable skin rejuvenation and renewal. Dermapril ingredients smooth and erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, provide the skin more smoothness and tone, give the skin support matrix lift and firmness and give the skin a newer more radiant appearance. The product's main ingredient Matrixyl 3000 decreases the appearance of wrinkle volume by 44 percent, and is definitely a wrinkled skin treatment.

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