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Published September 20, 2010
If the folks who greenlit these products have not been fired, they need to be. Immediately.

7. White Power Toothpaste

Who likes cavities? The blacks. Obviously.

6.  Life Cereal

Life Cereal Exec #1: Our cereal is so wholesome. Families of all races should be able to enjoy them.
Life Cereal Exec #2: But not together though, right?
Life Cereal Exec #3: Don't be ridiculous. The dark cereal goes to the darks and so on and so forth. Jesus Christ, do I have to think of everything here?*

*actual conversation

5.  Black Kid's Computer Desk

Nice try, Target. Racists.

4. Oreo Barbie

The Barbie of choice for Carlton Banks.

3.  Just Whites

I would say that all races like dried egg whites. Not just whites. But that'd be a lie. Nobody likes dried egg whites.

2. Audi's White Power

Sure, it's the same as the toothpaste above. But Audi gets a much higher ranking, as it's a major, worldwide company. Given Germany's less than stellar track record when it comes to racial superiority, they lose extra points for not having a department of their company solely dedicated to not looking racist.

1. i.Beat Blaxx

Oh come on.