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Published October 01, 2011
Tico Takes Down Gaddafi on Tatooine
In a stunning development, Tico the dog travelled to the Star Wars planet Tatooine and destroyed Libya’s former dictator. Tatooine, famous as the birthplace of Darth Vader, sits on the outskirts of a galaxy far far away and has long served as a safe haven for the universe’s scum and villainy. Reports indicate that Gaddafi hoped to establish a base on Tatooine with the Huts, who promised to kidnap Condoleezza Rice for the Colonel in return for his help obfuscating a Scottish investigation into their galactic hijacking ring. Tico, acting in concert with his Jedi friend Dober-mhan Kenobi, easily dispatched the Huts and cast Gaddafi into the desert's all-powerful RushLimbaughBelly, where the dictator will find a new definition of pain and suffering as he is slowly digested in meaningless vitriol over a thousand years.

When asked for comment, Tico simply grunted and licked himself. His humility is a lesson to us all.

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