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March 06, 2008


I just finished the recording (I hope I don’t have to do any more, anyway) of the narration stuff for my soon to be outrageously popular short film/tv show pilot Trynottodieman. I may be mistaken due to the fact that I wrote it all at 4am, and 45 minutes later am burning it all onto a CD to lay onto the timeline in about 5 hours… but I think it’s some funny funny stuff.

As I lay to go to sleep, I started thinking about what the narration would be in order to tie the whole thing together. The thinking turned into talking, out loud, in my darkened, otherwise empty room. I realized if I didn’t act quickly and write it all down, any genius I came up with would be lost in my almost infallible pre-sleep memory loss condition. Without turning on the lights, I grabbed my handy dandy clipboard, equipped with paper and a pen, and started writing away in the dark. When I was done, I had miraculously created two pages of mostly legible text. One instance of the word “bear” appeared instead as “beasris” but it was mostly a workable script. Somewhere, someday, somehow on the intarweb, the full evidence of this event will be published for all to see and enjoy. After the lights were on, I changed a large large amount of what I had written when I realized it didn’t make much sense. But hey, that’s what drafts are for right?

However, I know some portions of what I recorded tonight/this morning will not make into the final cut. This will make it all the more enticing for you to watch out for the full recordings later on. Overall, I’m pleased with the product, though now my throat hurts from recording the opening commercial, which I had to do in a kind of different voice than my normal voice. I also, in a display of accidental intelligence, didn’t do that portion until last, so none of the other voice work suffered. At least, not from that anyway.

So, the “acting” in quotes is mostly because my character Kurt is basically just myself, but stupid. As in, I speak and act the way I normally do, just without expressed intelligence necessarily. Well, you’ll find out when you finally see it. That’s enough for now, stay tuned for more exciting blog action here on funnyordie.com!