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May 26, 2016

Before they chose "Hold the door," they considered other portmanteaus.


In one of the most dramatic moments ofGame of Thrones, we learned that “Hodor” came from the final command to “Hold the Door.” See below for the other alternate Hodor origin phrases that George R. R. Martin first considered using.

“Whole Tour!”

In this version of the events, stupid Bran keeps demanding Hodor drag him around to see every magical tree and weird rock in the land. Eventually Hodor just collapses from exhaustion.

“Hold more?!”

Hodor spoke articulately and went by his given name until the day his brain melted in frustration while yelling at a customer service representative.

“Hope we find a doctor.”

But they didn’t, and, of course, it got infected.

“Hotel Pork…”

Hodor learned the hard way: You don’t order room service from a place that looks like it shouldn’t have room service.

“Haute Couture.”

Meera, Bran, and Hodor sit around a campfire repeatedly trying to pronounce the phrase correctly, until finally some annoyed Wildlings come over and kill all of them.


Annoying teenage Bran won’t stop asking for a cigar box for his birthday. He doesn’t even smoke. Naturally, Hodor loses it.

“Hoda Kotb’s at the door.”

A surreal scene in which an overly excited Hodor has a massive heart attack, and we learn that he is obsessed with Hoda Kotb. Martin’s bizarre plan for this was not actually to reveal that the world of Game of Thrones shares celebrities with the real world but rather that Hoda Kotb is an immortal being not bound by any one universe.

“Holy shit! It’s Dumbledore.”

Bran unwittingly opens an inter-series portal, on the other side of which wait the bitter, weapon-wielding characters from America’s previously most beloved fantasy franchise.

“Hope you’re immunized. We’re in Ecuador.”

The irony was going to be someone as large and powerful as Hodor killed by something tiny enough to fit in one mosquito.

“Hold my beer. I’m gonna throw a rock at that dinosaur.”

The biggest difference in this version was that Hodor gets killed by a dinosaur, but adolescent Bran was pretty much just as awful.

“Hold on. There were peanuts in the smoked boar?”

They had been so careful about Hodor’s deadly allergy up until that point too.