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August 18, 2015

Flibanserin is a sexual enhancement drug for women and a bunch of old men are going to vote today on whether or not women can use it!

Ladies! Are you sick and tired of having some dude hump on you and finish before you can even get your nut.I said LAAADDDIEEES! Are you SICK and are you TIRED of some dude humping on you and FINISHING before you can even GET YOUR NUT?!

Yeah, there’s the outrage I was looking for! God created us so that it takes women on average about 15 minutes longer to reach orgasm than men and humans created a society in which women’s pleasure isn’t as valued as men’s. Somehow that leaves us with 26 drugs on the market to help dudes board an express train to the bone®zone and absolutely nothing for women who struggle with low libidos. That’s right there are zero drugs available to women who want some help doing it (sex.)

But! That could all change! Today! There is a pill out in this big bad world called Flibanserin, developed by the good and holy people at Sprout Pharmaceuticals meant to increase female’s sexual desire and drive. The FDA is voting on its approval today. But FDA has already rejected this drug twice, citing its side effects to be too risky compared to the benefits. For the record, Flibanserin’s super dangerous side effects are fainting, low blood pressure, dizziness and sleepiness while side effects for Viagra and other male performance enhancement drugs that are currently on the market are prolonged erection, blindness, heart attack, and stroke, which are considerably worse.

Unless the FDA is a gang of witchy misandrists working to kill off men by their own desire to fuck better, it seems like they aren’t actually concerned with the side effects of Flibanserin and are more likely fueling that age ol’ trope of refusing women autonomy over their own sexual lives! Besides, a gang of dizzy horny women sounds kinda fun! I’d join that gang!

Flibanserin isn’t exactly the female equivalent of Viagra, as it is meant to increase sexual desire and drive, not just rush blood to the clit (that’s what Viagra does and the clit is basically a lady dick FYI.) Critics of the drug are saying the issue is not of women enjoying sex but that we don’t know enough about what causes sexual desire to treat is medically. While there is some truth to their concern, the risks simply don’t outweigh the benefits.

At this point, the only thing that is known is that a bunch of politicians and government goons dawdling on deciding if women have the right to enjoy sex is 100% effective in not turning us on. Fingers crossed (and ready to rub one out) that the FDA approves Flibanserin today!