The greatest MCs have always had a sense of humor, yet they’ve never gotten their just due within our nation’s funny pages. And honestly, that’s just unacceptable. So for no reason, other than it’s time has come, here are 12 of your favorite comic strips not-so-subtly infused with lyrics by some of the greatest rap artists of all time.

Here’s hoping your mom prints these out and hangs them on her cubicle at work in an effort to improve her “street cred” with Janice in Accounting.

Kendrick Lamarfield.jpg

Boondocks N Harmony.jpg

Jay Zits.jpg

Master Peanuts.jpg

Mother Goose and Slim.jpg


Puff Daddy and The Family Circus.jpg

Calvin and Mobbes.jpg

The Pharcyde.jpg

Run Dilbert.jpg

Ziggy Marley.jpg

Andre 3000 BC.jpg