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August 01, 2009


OMS Hilarious 12 ChristianU2uber annotations!

Wow, that was awesome. I'd really like to thank everyone who collaborates on these internet viral videos. You squander away your time on my silly annotation videos to help create what I believe to be absolutely hysterical! Any FoD user can caption away at these so pass this on to a friend. I'm trying to stick to internet videos because I don't know of anyone making fun of viral videos at this volume. So if you have or know of a video send me a link and it could end up annotated!

Last night my friend showed me this 2.7 Megaviewed video on YouTube and far as I know it's an internet music video by Reh Dogg called 'Why Must I Cry'. I think you'll enjoy this fantastic flop, activate annotations!

Even Daniel Tosh has a version of this video. Why Must I Cry Tosh.0 Remix

Send me your timed captions and I'll try to annotate them Monday.

13 Why Must I Cry FoD Annotations!