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March 10, 2016

The comedian talks to Jezebel writers, a wealthy woman, and more to see how many rich dudes they had to accuse of sexual assault to get where they are today.

There is a weird phenomenon where, unlike with the reporting of similar violent or traumatic crimes, when a woman speaks out about having been raped, she’s accused of lying for the sake of fame, attention, or money. When the alleged rapist is a famous man, she’s accused of trying to sabotage his reputation.

In her new video “Accusations Inc.” comedian Sara Schaefer investigates whether or not women are indeed creating rape stories out of thin air as a way to climb the career ladder and destroy famous men. Using data compiled from a gut feeling, as well as interviews with some lady bloggers, a wealthy woman, and some people who really love doing Bill Cosby impressions, Schaefer makes, well, a good video you all should watch!

h/t Splitsider