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May 01, 2011

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Sports betting, even the price per head model, is not just watching sports. It involves taking an active part in the sport at hand - and not by doing high-kicks and pom-pom dances to cheer your team or player on. Sports betting involves risking your money on the team or player you believe in. When money is involved, two things could happen. First, you could become richer by a few hundred dollars (or more, if your wallet bet on the right team or player). Second, you could become pissed off at losing, whether small time or big time. The thing is, most people don't get enough the first time around, regardless of the outcome of the bet. Those who win want to win some more, and those who lose can't wait to get theirmoney back - and get the others' as well.

Because of this, sports betting is one of the most controversial social activities this country has ever known. The whole world too has become aware of the many consequences, both financial and social, that this form of entertainment, for lack of a better description, brings. Yet, despite all the negative press, sports betting continues to attract hundreds of followers every day, causing sports fanatics to become even more hooked to their respective favorite sports.

A Whole New Ballgame

Nowadays, sports betting seems to be getting a new wave of attention, thanks to the creation of the price per head system. This takes sports betting into a whole new level, providing more opportunities for sports fanatics everywhere to make money while supporting their favorite team or player. With the buzz that this new form of betting on sports has made, it's obvious that bettors from all over the country - and the world - are off to having a grand time once again, just like old times. Theprice per head system is just the break they'd been waiting for.

The Ball's in Your Court

It may seem that sports betting via the price per head system is the future, but perhaps the real question should be this: Should it be? By allowing sports fanatics to have another opportunity to gamble, morals are not the only ones at stake. Society could become laden with men - and even women - who devote their precious time andmoney on something other people do for a living. Lawmakers should ensure that such resources be used more wisely. There are other more commendable ways of supporting a particular sport, such as emulating the good qualities (i.e. hard work, determination, persistence, etc.) of the top players or organizing fundraisers. Certainly, with the evolution of man, sports fanatics can get it in their heart to spend theirmoney not by betting but by donating to worthwhile causes - and legislation, in turn, should promote this.

3.Perhaps a prominent example of recent times involves the use of the word ‘gay’ or indeed the ban of the word, on the back of a personalised NFL jersey, serving as a reminder of an underlying lack of acceptance of the gay man in sporting circles. The ignorant yet all too common perception of the towering or graceful sportsman is certainly non compliant with any uncultured yet common ideas, or discernments surrounding the image of a gay man.

Sports fans and stars alike can be accused of harbouring, or in the very least, allowing the singling out of gay men through the toleration of homophobia to the point where the NFL have been reported to have banned the names of some of their most popular players, Randall Gay, Ben Gay and William Gay on shirts, pendants or flags of any kind. This is of course ludicrous and comes at a time where England’s own Football Premier League has experienced severe cases of homophobic behaviour, including the public abuse of England and Portsmouth star, Sol Campbell, amidst rumours created by the media over his sexual preferences.
Emphasising a clear lack of acceptance of gay men in football, and the expression of what can only be described as ideals and views straight out of the Stone Age; Campbell has suffered a barrage of abuse from the terraces for a number of seasons. However, perhaps providing a chink of light at the end of a very long tunnel, a number of fans have in fact been brought to justice via the courts for the abuse of the Portsmouth full back, although the star is still subject to anti-gay feeling from the terraces today.

In relation, tragic ex-footballer Justin Fashinu who committed suicide 11 years ago preceding severe abuse at the hands of fans and fellow team mates, due to his just reluctance to hide his sexuality, became the victim of blatant embellishment on the part of the media. They had run the headline ‘My gay brother is an outcast’ supposedly a direct quote from his brother and fellow footballer John Fashiniu.

Although times are changing with initiatives such as Stonewall FC, an all gay football squad, making clear progression on a global scale, winning competitions such as the Euro Games, the question of why an all gay football team needs to be formed just to allow gay men to progress in the game, is certainly a valid one.

All men want to be attractive because attractiveness is what increases their chance with having a relationship with a woman. Nowadays, men's attractiveness depends, to large extent, on their bodies which means that the more beautiful body a man has, the more attractive he is in a woman's eyes. Perhaps, that is the reason why so many men struggle to get the perfect body and spend hours on exercising in the fitness. The most serious and spread problem that men experience is the chest fat which is the reason for the appearing of the so called "man boobs".

Man boobs' scientifically name is Gynecomastia which is simply too much fat around the chest. There are two main reasons which cause the Gynecomastia and fortunately, both of them are well-known and researched and there are a lot of methods which help men reduce the chest fat and get rid of their boobs.

The first reason is the hormones which are raging all over your body, causing enlarged breast which is not typical for the guys. The other reason for the man boobs is the normal-than-average percentage of the body fat which is a factor not only for the appearance of man boobs but many more diseases and untypical states of your body.

There are several ways which can help you reduce the chest fat and get rid of your boobs. However, the most effective of them, without any doubt, isexercising.

Exercising is the best way of reducing the chest fat and man boobs for several reasons. However, the most important and considerable one is that when a man exercises he burns calories (respectively fat). Once he loses his fat and decreases the percentage of the body fat, he will also get rid of the unneeded boobs which are a reason for so much stress or depressions. But, there is another reason why all men should choose the training before all other methods such as diets or surgery in order to get rid of the boobs and chest fat. That reason is the muscle developing. While being on a diet will only help you lose the chest fat, the strength training will also make your muscles stronger and more attractive than ever. You will not have "man boobs" any more but a strong, attractive and well-built chest.

Obviously, the strength training is really helpful and a must if a man wants to reduce his chest fat and lose the "loathed" boobs which make him look so feminine. However, there is other way ofexercises which is neglected by most men but it could turn out to be very useful and helpful for their fight with the boobs. It is the aerobic exercise and this kind of exercise not only helps you burn the calories but also has a wholesome effect on the overall condition of your body, especially your heart (the engine of each living creatures body). What is best about the aerobicexercising is that you are literally spoilt for choice and may even find it difficult to decide on which sport to take up. You can choose swimming, climbing, cycling, jogging, football, tennis and many others. Of course, all of them have advantages and disadvantages and you should think carefully before choosing which sport (or activity to take up).

g man sports

4.Should you get yourself some sport emoticons? If you are a guy particularly - aren't emoticons well, girly? World renown biking athlete Lance Armstrong actually disapprove of emoticons. He does however renounce only the smiley face, so what of the emoticons that clearly shows the yellow fellows doing sport?

You Need to Express Your Loyalty
All sports admirers know, loyalty to the team or the sport itself is the priority. Although emoticons might sound a bit too feminine at first, you will soon change your mind when you glimpse at the awesome sports emoticons available. Get your favorite sport icon and tell new friends in a click what type of sport you enjoy.

You Hope to Find Fellow Fans
Nothing works as fast as showing the kind of sport you like as your avatar. Put a tennis icon on your profile picture or Twitter logo and you will soon find others to discuss about the latest tantrum thrown by Venus and who the high level seeds are for French Open in the current year.

You Want to Clearly Label Yourself As a Man
Sport emoticons against online harassment? Of course, after all stranger things have happened. Hopefully this does not happen too often but with the way mothers these days are naming their babies, a completely male name is now gender neutral. And you are really tired of men you don't know trying to win you over and obtain your personal email when you are online discussing things and chatting. This is probably improper generalization but at least, with a sport logo adorning your profile, the amorous men will pause before they put on their "Hey, Baby" moves.

There are a great many moments in sports history that cause impassioned arguments about what really happened or what should have happened.  When emotions run high, it is easy for some to slide over the line into improper behavior.  Any attempt to list sports controversies will immediately hit the issue of definition.  Is the O.J. Simpson trial a sports controversy because Simpson was a famous athlete?  Should we restrict our list to events that directly impacted sports, such as the Pete Rose blackball, or should we be even more restrictive and stick to events that occurred specifically on the playing field, like Joe Horn's cell phone call? 

It would be easy to let any such list, no matter how restrictive, grow like a weed.  However, here are a few of the more interesting controversies.