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Published September 08, 2008


So Nikki wrote on my other blog
that the story I wrote about her was not good enough. It was one of
my favoutite stories of her, and me but she insisted that she get
another one. She told me what one she wanted to be told in this blog,
but I have a surprise for her. Off the top of my head I remembered the
best story ever that both of us can appreciate, and I also will be
telling that story after the story she requested.

Adventures With Goustov

day, after Sarah had left us to go home or possibly go to work, Nikki
Tester and I were watching TRL. We decided to watch this because there
were no cool shows on at the time and even though TRL is lame, we can
make fun of whoever is the guest. That is exactly what we did.
On that show, Tokio Hotel was on and they were discussing their
favourite music. The lead singer, Bill, and the most feminine one
mustered up the most masculine German accent he could possibly bear and
he said, '...and dis is Goustov. Ee likes to listen to ze Foo Fightas.'
Nikki and I both laughed our asses off and then decided (as we usually
do when we see something we like) that we should make it into a video.
All that would happen is this: Nikki would say 'I am Goustov und
I listen to ze Foo Fightas,' (in various locals) and I would jump
out from somewhere and say, 'dis is Goustov. Ee likes to listen to ze Foo Fightas.'
It was many time less then perfect, but to us it was going to be one
kick ass afternoon. We headed on down to the local park (which never
has people in it) and we tried to start filming.
There was one problem. Nikki's German accent was not a German accent.
It was British. It took many tries, a few people working at the winery
to stare at us and a whole lot of love for Goustov before it came out
perfect. We then filmed and made some history in our books of life.

The Bridge-Way Of Love
Nikki Tester and I went on a photography field trip to Ottawa (along
with ___ number of students). This was no ordinary trip though, this
trip was going to involve Nikki and mine's very first moment together.
All of our friends were either in a conference room (watching a
conference about photography) or in a giant room where they sell
cameras. Nikki and I were sitting on the stairway.
As we were sitting there talking, I suddenly noticed that some gentlemen
sitting on a bridge (in the building) were staring at us and talking to
each other. This was now exactly what we began to do to them.
We started talking about who would get who if we hooked up and the
decision was easy, Nikki would get the adorable, yet masculine looking
fellow who was fuller then the other, but not in any way fat.... nor
chunky. He wore a backpack, which made him look like he would be in
college. I was given the tall and slender dude who may have been wearing
a scarf. He had blonde hair and towered over his friend.
We stared and we talked. They stared and they talked. Possibly about
the same things. Then the conference ended and all of our friends made
their way, not towards us, but in front of us, to block the view of our
     I have a fit and ordered people
to move. When they didn't move and stared at me like I am speaking
another language, I stood up, only to realize that the gentlemen were
getting up to leave. Heartbroken, I sat back down and tell this news to
Nikki. We both started making up excuses for them. 'Well maybe they are
just coming over here to get a better look!' 'Maybe they are stretching
their legs and are going to sit back down again!'
None of this was true. We knew that, so we moved on to more important
things. 'I think we should call this moment something,' I say, 'like
.... The stair-bridge ...of love...' 'No,' Nikki says, ' that doesn't
sound to great...' We both sat there thinking for a while until Nikki
said 'what about 'the Bridge-Way of Love'?'
     It was decided. "Bridge" for the bridge where they were sitting and "Way" for the stairway we were sitting on.
We were later standing maybe a meter from the stairway, when I turn
around and see a thrilling site. 'Nikki they are coming up the stairs
and are going to walk right by us!' Nikki and I got very excited while
the rest of our friends looked at us like we were insane and should be
    We did not care, as they
walked by and checked us out, we stood there and checked them out. They
walked away with their backpack and scarf..and we never saw them ever
     The Bridge-Way of Love still lives
on in our hearts. I would like to think that the men who shared that
moment with us, still think about the Bridge-Way of Love today. Nikki
and I like to bring it up as much as possible because that was the
closest we ever got to real love. So far.

I hope these
stories were satisfactory Nikki. I hope you enjoyed them. I am not
writing anymore because that would not be fair to Corinne and Sarah who
only got one (apparently really awesome) story each.



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