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January 18, 2009


MacSpruce says:

Once again, a fine showing by all you haiku traffickers made the judge's task a de-light-ful one.

A green light to 3rd place winner, our gracious host jason2k1 for
I don't know whether
I should stop or I should go.
It's like sex with mutes.

The less said about that, the better ...

Proceeding with caution to amber, 2nd place goes to jentastic for
On the corner where
Anarchy and Chaos cross
stands the perfect light.

I know that corner all too well, I'm afraid ...

But the one that brought me to a full stop, our 1st place winner is lizardladyfla for
Just like a woman
She gives out mixed messages
Ask for directions

This one's got everything: a nod to Dylan, the war of the sexes, an allusion to the eternal question, "What do women want?", the old gag about men and directions ...

Well done, one and all. Keep 'em coming!

In honor of MLK's birthday, I bring you evidence that even stupid people have a dream.

Now, let's all show LizardLadyFla just how tolerant we've grown of people who are different from us...waaaaay different.