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October 25, 2008


Alex Media Grupo P.C.

Us founded after the No 49 edition of the Festival of San Sebastian, after the contacts made during the course of it, being the promoters Alex Quiroga, Arturo Pimentel, and Andres Perez, F. Perez Jimenez, and Alberto Arocena 

Its purpose being to create a company would seek basic support for new and emerging directors Spaniards and Latin Americans, thus covering a wide range covering the Spanish-speaking culture, which currently causing so many expectations, as it is showing in the Recent works that are occurring in both national and international festivals, a fact that this has its endorsement by both the mood of the public as by success of the criticisms specialist. 

The philosophy of the company, part of the original idea of creating low-budget productions, most packed full of ideas, this way of being a pioneer in this type of methodology in film productions, which could include a greater degree of knowledge as to the works of authors, artists, and all other members involved in all of them organically from the work, which is understood in a participatory way for the merger and collaboration of the agents converged on the same, as is the If the debut of "It happened in Spain" feature film directed by Alex Quiroga, "I love Spain" short film directed by Jose Luis Bravo, "rotten Ilusiones (M11)" Alex Quiroga and other works that are still in post, as "The bathroom" directed by the Chilean Gregory Cohen, "Game of summer" a film by film school in Chile led by Fernanda Aijaro, Matias Bize. Daniela Gonzalez, Andrea Waaff and other projects that are still in production as "Souls lost and found souls" Alex Quiroga. 

Alex Media Group is supported by the following companies: EGEDA, Madrid Film Commission, ISKRA SL, Laboratorios Molinare, Laya Productions, Virtual Laya, Multicines Miro, Actors Union, Portal Latino, SGAE among the most relevant. 

Currently, Alex Media Group, has signed a distribution agreement with the Chilean company "MICROFILM" to make representations to the Spanish and European market, new achievements in Chile, in correspondence in the distribution of Spanish films in Chile, this sector currently in constant renewal. 

It also is in dialogue with other distributors, mainly from Latin America, with the aim of achieving similar results.