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March 18, 2010


My dad came into the city and offered to take my daughter and I to go to see "Alice", which I had been reluctant to do because I thought it looked pretentious and scary.  My daughter  didn't even really want to see it, but my dad sounded kind of excited about it, so we went.  L O V E D  IT!!!  So awesome!!!  My favorite part is near the beginning when there's an event going on and there's actually a painter who's...well...painting a "moment" and I found that to be fairly amusing.   My other favorite part is when the Mad Hatter is examining Alice and he says "You're not as much as you used to be!  You're missing your "muchness".  That statement articulated something for me in a profound way.
Now, I have this perception of myself as being unlucky in love.   I kind of think that I either didn't get the guy or got dumped by the guy, but I had a revelation on Daylight Savings where I realized that I have done my fair share of dumping!  I actually dumped a guy for showing up to work late on Daylight Savings time.  It's TRUE!!  I was getting a little lukewarm on him anyway, but the way he shrugged his shoulders and lied...it was so unconvincing that I couldn't take another second of him.
I dumped somebody because we would chat on MSN and his spelling was atrocious.  I just couldn't handle the poor spelling.
I dumped a guy, and I REALLY LIKED him!!  BUT!!  He was a terrible driver and I remember grabbing the handle over the door in sheer terror.  Rob Crogan, if you're out there and they finally took your license away...we could go for a bike ride somewhere or maybe take a walk?? But, I'm still not getting into a car with you :)
So, you all know that I spent the last year smarting because I got dumped by some guy that I wasn't even in a relationship with.  It has really sucked.  I have been fretting the lack of closure.  I have been festering, that's right! FESTERING!  And, just plain miserable because some part of me has been convinced that if we'd just had some more time or if he'd tried just one more time that we would most likely in some way, shape or form, be together right now.  My heart just has not been able to let go.
WELL!!  Mr. Poopy Pants showed up on my Facebook last week!! 
A friend of ours has him mom in the hospital and wrote this beautiful post about how deep his love is, and to be an ass I wrote "Thanks ;p", and then it became a little flirty and low and behold, suddenly Rede puts in his 2 cents. He writes "I thought we HAD something?  Am I not worth anything any more?"  So, I responded "We DID have something...we had too much beer!  Unless you're not talking to me?"  And there was banter.
So, I e-mailed him and said "You suck."  he wrote back "Yes. I do."  I wrote "I hate you."  He waited a while and then wrote "Right-O."
I bit the bullet and asked "Is there something meaningful about your appearance or are you just going to slip in and yank my chain whenever you get bored?"
He waits a while and then replies "That was never my intention.  Good-bye."
LOL!!!  Seriously???
So, he proceeds to make comments where I had written on other people's threads (which I do not respond or reply to), and then the next day HE's GONE!!  I have been "blocked" as in if I even type his name into the FB search, it doesn't even appear!  But my other friends can still see him. LOL  We all think it's such a JOKE!!!
THAT was the most COWARDLY piece of shit act I have EVER witnessed in my life and I am so grateful to the powers that be that I was given that moment to verify something I couldn't seem to believe was true.  You've lost your muchness Rede.   Too bad for you.