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December 26, 2017

A Christmas gift bag full of Andy Claus, buns of steal, and the existential debate: what *is* a catch?

1) Merry pissmas

2) “I thought we played Sunday? I’m not ready yet!”

3) First thing’s first

4) Is your ex Ed Hochuli

5) The football equivalent of the fake Principal Skinner episode of “The Simpsons”

6) He wasn’t very Ficken good either

7) The #2 Pick

8) Buns of steal

9) This year’s Christmas card

10) The Instant Replay headset is just a cup on a string to Bill Belichick

11) “It’s not a catch unless Tom Brady throws it”

12) Bring the (pro)pain

13) “Who sh*t in my helmet? NO ONE? None of you saw who sh*t in my helmet??”

14) We gonna party like it’s your birthday

15) Andy Claus is comin’ to town

16) It'sa me!

17) “Let’s beat the traffic ‘A Christmas Story’ is on”

18) Thank you Based Belichick

19) Everything according to God’s Belichick’s plan

20) For sale; needs repairs

21) Scoring’s my favorite

22) Skip Bayless definitely does NOT know what is a catch

23) The gift that keeps on giving

24) Doing the Lord’s work