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September 27, 2011

My eavesdropping has struck gold again.  Just like in previous situations, the people talking clearly didn't care who heard what they had to say.  There was a group of 4 women sitting behind me in the audience of Book of Mormon (if you have the chance and some extra money, go and buy a ticket, the show is worth every penny) and they were having a sparkling conversation of their previous theatre experiences.  Here are the highlights of their conversation:

Lady #1: "Thanks to child labor laws I got the bad Billy Elliot."

Lady #2 (something about the way she talked made me think she's from Greenwich, CT): "Oooh I just looove ballet.  I can watch ballet all day.  And I just looove Swan Lake.  And the lead, what's her name?  Well...she goes to the lake, oh and the way she holds her arms, I just looove it."

Lady #3: "How long is Phantom of the Opera playing in Denver?" (This threw me off since I assumed the ladies to be locals, but it sounded like two of them may have been visiting, hence the question)

It's moments like this I'm glad I keep a little pad of paper and a pen with me.