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August 08, 2011

Just a tale about a simple man looking for a simple job or two.

DANNY MARSHAL: Hardworking Handy Man Extraordinair, Have Spray Rig, Will Travel, Occasional Harmonica Player and All Around Nice Guy.

If you are looking for a man who can truly do it all, then you haven’t found me. I am the Jack of every trade, and every game. I even know how to change out that “animal lover” license plate that you bought with the car to save you from the mercy of your friends. 

 Since I am an all around nice guy, I don’t just settle for “git er done.”  I make sure to sit around for hours afterward for some always forced, and always uncomfortable small talk. When the weather has remained constantly dry for the past Lord-knows-when, this can be tricky. Nevertheless, I have found this to be a great way to bring attention to my equally dry throat. But with some lemonade I expect you to promptly offer, soon my old wind pipes will be wheezin’ again.

But don’t you think I will just sit there on your porch swing sporting local conversation about the cracklin’ dry weather, because I never forget my harmonica. Along with a tune or two comes the story of how I found it sitting on top of a toilet paper dispenser in the john of the local bar. As I like to say, “every story has it’s tune.” It makes absolutely no sense, but it sounds good. After all, I have an ear for those kinds of things. Anyway, call Grandma if you find yourself on a pickle . . . or in a pickle cause’ I’m the man for the job.